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Our clients are global and local entities with business interests across Africa who care deeply about the transitions of their leaders and teams and want to maximize these commercial and personal development opportunities.

Leadership and Team Integration

Novo specialises in leadership transitions and our clients trust us to shape and support their leadership and team transitions. We utilise a combination of data driven and design principles, facilitation, coaching, and immersive learning experiences to accelerate peer to peer learning, trust, collaboration and ultimately, integration.

Executive Coaching

Designed to maximise the opportunities presented by transition and change, the Novo Coaching service combines experienced coaches, tried and tested approaches and the critical element of professional care and support.

Team Effectiveness

Novo Team Effectiveness is leadership development in context. We utilise our deep experience and expertise of helping teams with effectiveness and change, to drive collaborative learning and active experimentation in programmes that combine: 

  • Culture & Leadership Design Sprint
  • Team Coaching¬†
  • Immersive and facilitated learning
  • Real-world business immersions

Design Sprints and Facilitation

Organizations and teams that aspire to high levels of effectiveness and collaboration require trust as a critical ingredient. We use Design Sprints to accelerate trust, maximising the use of time to unlock the collective wisdom of a group and achieve what cannot be achieved alone.

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