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Novo’s powerful and provocative storytelling processes enriched by a deeply humanistic approach has made us a partner of choice for Speaking Brands.

CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Scientists and Executives trust us with their stories and how they show up on public platforms. Whether you’re preparing to speak on a global platform or want to sharpen your results presentation, we help align speakers with their brands in a way that allows them to unlock lasting insights for their audiences.

Just Once

You need to speak on a public platform soon and need help just once. We’ll help you build, prepare and deliver a knockout experience.


You speak on a public platform regularly and are wondering how to sharpen your delivery or improve the impact on your audience. We’ll help you develop a practice that sharpens your speaking skills and impact.

Making a living

You speak because it supports how you make a living. Your speaking engagements are deeply connected to your work and outputs and must enhance your Brand. We’ll dive in to help you develop your repertoire, style and commercial alignment.

It has been a great privilege and honour to have worked with Graham over the last few years. He has made a tremendous contribution in helping me shape, prepare and deliver talks within public forums. Graham has incredible attention to detail, passion and understanding of audiences, which he is able to bring together in creating your story.

Global Performance & Resilience Expert; Best selling author; Speaker

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